In this smoothie bowl, watermelon, strawberries, nectarine and banana combine to create a fresh summer recipe that reminds me a little bit of a delicious ice sorbet! Perfect for hot days! 

To achieve a really cool and creamy result, it is important to cut the melon, banana and strawberries into pieces the day before and freeze them in a suitable container. 

Only then will the smoothie bowl be perfect the next day! 

This is the only slightly more “complex” preparation that you have to make for your smoothie bowl. 

Because the next day, the preparation is super quick! Simply put all the ingredients in a blender, mix well and garnish with toppings! 

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Your quick and, above all, delicious bowl is done. I can only recommend freezing a larger portion of fruit straight away. 

So you always have frozen fruit ready and you can quickly prepare a delicious smoothie bowl. 

I always have frozen fruits in our fridge! Frozen bananas in particular are a must! 

In addition, this is a great recycling opportunity for them. 

Because bananas usually ripen faster than you can see. 

If that also happens to you, you can simply cut them into pieces and freeze them. 

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Maybe you have a banana or two around that is ready to be frozen! 

Then put it in the freezer and tomorrow you can make yourself a delicious smoothie bowl!

Recipe by Lisa Lehmann

Lisas Lieblings Leckereien


100 g frozen watermelon

100 g frozen strawberries

1 nectarine ½ banana (frozen!)

2 tbsp yogurt (e.g .: soy vanilla yogurt)

100 ml milk (e.g .: oat milk)

a little vanilla extract


melon pieces, strawberries, banana, homemade granola

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  1. The day before: Cut the watermelon, strawberries and banana into small pieces and freeze in a suitable container.
  2. Put the frozen fruits and nectarine in a powerful blender and add the vanilla extract, yoghurt and oat milk. Mix everything well until it has a creamy consistency.
  3. Pour the mixture into a nice bowl and top it with toppings as you wish!

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