General FAQ’s

Why is obesity detrimental for you?

The obesity epidemic is the most significant modern burden on our healthcare system and is, largely a function of excess caloric consumption. Nearly 40% of the population in the USA obese, and the numbers are growing each year. Obesity increases the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, cancers, heart disease, and several age-related neurodegenerative diseases and lead to early mortality.

Why are dieting and exercise not enough to lose weight?

Despite its prevalence, obesity continues to be largely managed by encouraging individuals to expend more calories and consume fewer. However, this has been met with mixed success, and several medications to lower weight either don’t work or have undesired side effects. Furthermore, several dieting practices cause only temporary weight loss. This is because food addiction is a major underlying issue that leads to obesity. Our current modern and industrialized society has created easy access to cheap calories, which are difficult to avoid. What if a simple pill can reduce cravings for food, and improves your health, allowing you to live a fuller life so you can do things you love the most?

What are advanced glycation end products (AGEs)?

AGEs form via non-enzymatic modifications to proteins, lipids, and DNA by sugars and sugar-derived by-products, which accumulate upon ingesting sugar that is further enhanced by aging, diabetes, and several age-related diseases. Limiting the production of AGEs and increasing their detoxification can reduce weight gain and the risk of several age-related disorders leading to healthy aging.

Why use dietary supplements?

Despite the overabundance of calories in our diet, nutrient deficiencies remain surprisingly common. A study from 2017 reported that 31% of the US population was at risk for at least one nutrient deficiency. Normally, supplements are given for such deficiencies. However, several studies show that certain supplements can enhance healthspan and even extend lifespan when given at higher doses than just to overcome nutrient deficiencies. At Juvify, we have optimized supplements based on research in the lab and created a combination in GLYLO where the individual supplements synergize so that their combined effects are significantly better than that of a single supplement alone. Thus, GLYLO is designed to also benefit individuals who are otherwise healthy to further enhance their health.

How do I know that I am taking good-quality supplements?

Several studies have shown that more than half the supplements in the market when tested do not contain the ingredients listed on the bottle or are not pure enough. Scrupulous dietary supplement companies ensure that their supplements are manufactured at a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) certified facility. Ensure that the supplement company you buy from can confirm their supply chain is CGMP compliant. Also, companies that stand by their products should readily provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for any product upon request. The CoA provides information related to each product batch’s adherence to finished-product specifications. All Juvify products are made at an FDA-registered CGMP-certified facility and we provide Certificates of Analysis upon request.

What is the best time of the day to take GLYLO?

Usually, it is recommended to take GLYLO after 12–16 hours of overnight fasting, which means if you’ve had dinner around 7:00 p.m., you would then take one or two pills the next morning around 11:00 a.m. or around lunchtime.

Can I take GLYLO with coffee/tea?

GLYLO does not contain caffeine, and the supplement works very well with coffee and tea.

Does GLYLO influence physical activity?

When combined with exercise, GLYLO can help increase endurance and also seems to increase general physical movement.

How does GLYLO reduce glycation?

GLYLO reduces glycation in 3 major ways.
1) It reduces the craving for sugar.
2) It reduces the production of precursors of glycation when sugar is metabolized
3) GLYLO increases the detoxification of damaging products that cause glycation

What if GLYLO is not working for me?

  1. Ensure that you are taking 2-3 tablets in the morning around breakfast with ample water.
  2. Try longer intermittent fasting- we recommend 16:8 but 18:6 has been shown to be even more beneficial. GLYLO should help increase your fasting limits. Reduce food intake from 3 to 1 or 2 meals per day.
  3. Mindfulness of what you eat is critical. Being aware of your sugar and carb intake and keeping a diary can help reduce calorie intake.
  4. Ensure you are getting ample exercise. We recommend at least between 3-6 hrs of aerobic training per week. Also aerobic exercise in faster state in the morning can further help in burning fat.
  5. Switch to a more plant based and raw food food diet. Avoid processed food as much as possible.
  6. Give at least 1-3 months. GLYLO has been designed for long term use and many people use it for its long term anti aging effects rather than the short term anti craving effect. So you are still dereiving benefits even if you are not losing weight. You could also be switching from fat to muscle.
  7. Monitor your glucose and exercise capacity after 3-6 months to determine changes.
  8. The effects are likely to vary across individuals and if you are still not happy you can request a refund.

Does GLYLO help lower blood sugar? 

Yes, long-term use of GLYLO for 3-6 months can help lower blood sugar. 

How can I use GLYLO to reduce weight?

We highly recommend combining intermittent fasting with GLYLO if you are trying to use GLYLO to reduce weight. Furthermore, keep your aerobic exercise to at least 3-4 hours/week. We recommend 3 pills/ day to lose weight versus two if you are just trying to keep your weight steady and use GLYLO to slow aging. Intermittent fasting with aerobic training is an effective way to further burn calories in combination with GLYLO. 

Does GLYLO help lower insulin resistance? 

Yes, by reducing glycation, which has been shown to increase insulin resistance, GLYLO is effective at reducing insulin resistance and inflammation. 

Can I take GLYLO if I don't want to lose weight? 

Absolutely! GLYLO is designed to slow the aging process. If you keep your calorie content regular and exercise, you can enjoy healthy aging and GLYLO can help postpone the aging of several systems including the brain, eye, heart, and muscle. 

What are the possible side effects of GLYLO?

GLYLO consists of ingredients that are designated Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. So in principle, the side effects are minimal. Furthermore, our combination assures that no one ingredient is used at high levels. However, due to high Bioperine (a component of black pepper) content and a sensitive gut some people can notice a burning sensation when taking GLYLO. That is why we recommend taking it with ample water and also having it with a meal. Finally, GLYLO is designed for long-term use to slow aging so we suggest taking it with its long-term benefits in view. 

Can I take GLYLO if I have hypothyroidism?

We do not recommend GLYLO if you have hypothyroidism as lipoic acid in GLYLO interferes with medicines for hypothyroidism.