Juvify Ebook - A guide to Healthy Aging by Dr. Pankaj Kapahi

Juvify Ebook - A guide to Healthy Aging by Dr. Pankaj Kapahi

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A science-backed step-by-step guide to Healthy Aging and Weight Management

Introducing GLYLO by Dr. Kapahi

Inspiration behind Juvify Health
Our story

Juvify Health was founded by Dr. Pankaj Kapahi, a world-renowned expert in the field of fasting and how it slows aging and related disorders. Our mission is to empower people with affordable science backed approaches to enable them to enhance health and rejuvenate. Juvify is dedicated to creating products that enhance health to prevent or slow the onset of age-related disorders by harnessing the power of fasting and exercise.

GLYLO Comparison with other supplements

Short Term*

- Boosts Energy

- Control Sugar Cravings

- Enhances Ketosis

- Reduces Inflammation

Long Term*

- Improves Muscle Recovery & Endurance

- Reduces Glycation Stress

- Improves Metabolic Health

- Slows Aging

Our current sedentary lifestyle with access to abundant calories is not optimized to achieve the best health outcomes for an individual. Scientific research demonstrates sugar drives glycation of macromolecules which increases cellular damage resulting in advanced glycation end product (AGE) formation. Sugar induced glycation and AGEs also drive sugar cravings and reduce cellular repair accelerating the aging process.

GLYLO works at multiple levels at the cellular and behavioral level to improve health. GLYLO promotes the detoxification of AGEs and also engages other targets that promote health and slow aging. These include reducing carbohydrate intake, enhancing NAD+, reducing senescence, and promoting cellular repair pathways. The product is designed to help achieve your fasting goals, make you active and slow the aging process thereby enhancing health*.

More About GLYLO

Sugar proof your life with GLYLO, Juvify's revolutionary combination supplement that was discovered in the lab of Dr. Kapahi at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, California. GLYLO (GLYcation LOwering) was designed to reduce the toxic effects of sugar by reducing Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) that increase cellular damage and accelerate aging and related disorders*.

Our Commitment

We are striving continuously to find optimal solutions to improve health by promoting lifestyle interventions backed by our core values of science and innovation. We aim to aid individuals to derive the benefits of fasting, exercise, and improving sugar breakdown to enhance cellular repair by utilizing micronutrients and easy-to-incorporate lifestyle changes.