Ginger shots, full of vitamins and micronutrients, have a lot of positive effects on our body. They have become popular and you can easily make ginger shots at home. Filled in a large bottle, you have a supply for several days. And now you are probably wondering: Why are ginger shots so healthy? This is due to a combination of three main ingredients; ginger, turmeric, and oranges. Ginger stimulates digestion, stimulates fat burning, can help against nausea, … plus loads of other positive effects that continue to be discovered. Another ingredient is turmeric and turmeric is a real miracle food too. The plant is related to ginger and looks a bit like it from the outside. Behind the shell, however, there is a very strong golden yellow color, due to which it is also called “turmeric” or “Indian saffron”. Several clinical trials have shown the benefits of turmeric in reducing inflammation in the context of various age-related diseases. As you can see in the recipe, I use ground turmeric. You can of course also use fresh ones, or get a turmeric supplement which is >95% turmeric compared to 3% in ground turmeric. But you have to be careful because turmeric rubs off incredibly strongly. Fun fact: orange is the most widely grown citrus fruit in the world. And not without reason … juicy, fresh, and incredibly tasty! Also, citrus fruits lower appetite and are a great source of the antioxidant vitamin C. They convince in terms of taste. But their inner value is also excellent. The round fruits are real vitamin bombs! This is why they are an important part of this ginger shot together with fresh lemons. I make the ginger shots in a slightly larger amount so that you always have a shot ready for the next two days. Stored in the refrigerator is no problem either. However, you shouldn’t keep them for longer than 3 days and instead prepare the whole thing fresh again. But since the preparation is very quick and uncomplicated, that shouldn’t be a problem! And to do something good for your body, you should be ready to “sacrifice” a few minutes for the preparation!

Recipe by Lisa Lehmann


For one bottle (approximately 300 ml)
Preparation time: 15 min

2 oranges
1 lemon
25 g ginger
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 tbsp agave syrup
a pinch of pepper
about 100 ml of water 


  1. Cut the ginger into small pieces and squeeze the lemon. Put both with the turmeric, agave syrup, and pepper in a multi-chopper until everything is finely pureed. 
  2. Squeeze the oranges and add them to the ginger-lemon juice with the water (see tip). Mix everything and store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. 

Tip: Depending on the strength of the ginger and the fruitiness of the orange, add a little more or, if necessary, less water.

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